Red Kitchen Bakery

Red Kitchen Bakery is the home of specially crafted cakes. We specialise in wedding cakes, cupcakes, celebration cakes and dessert tables. We offer a wide range of occasion cakes which we can tailor to your design or theme. Our wide range of sweet treats are homemade with the finest ingredients. 

Cake Portions and Prices 

Single Tier Sizes   Round          Square          Portion guide (Round/Square)

                                                                                                                            Dessert Portions   Finger Portions 

6”                                             From £65                       From £85                    12/17                      20/25

8”                                             From £90                       From £110                    24/30                   40/50

10”                                            From £120                     From £140                   38/48                   60/80

12”                                            From £150                     From £170                    58/70                  80/110

Tiered Cake Sizes   Round         Square          Portion guide (Round/Square)

6” & 8”                                     From £220                     From £280                                                60/75

6”, 8”, 10”                                 From £320                      From £380                                               120/145

4”,6”,8”,10”                               From £380                      From  £440                                              130/155

6”, 8”, 10”, 12”                          From £440                      From £500                                               200/255

This portion guide will help you decide what size cake you need for your wedding or event. The dessert portions are based on a rectangular slice of 1"x2" rather than a triangular slice. The finger slices are 1"x1" and recommended size for fruit cakes. We would recommend serving the dessert size for sponge cakes. If the cake you have in mind is bigger than you need you could always opt for a 'fake tier' which will help you create the perfect cake for your special day but at a lower cost and no one would know. However if you have a large event or wedding and want to keep costs down, we offer a simple plain iced cutting cake, kept in the kitchen and sliced ready to serve.